about NZSIF

The New Zealand Snow Industries Federation.

The New Zealand Snow Industries Federation (NZSIF) was formed in 1979 to enable the industry to present a stronger and co-ordinated profile to the Government, the public and various other parties and also to enable the promotional dollars spent within the industry to be as productive as possible.

The membership comprises retailers, equipment rental outlets, wholesalers, importers and manufacturers.

NZSIF Retailers

New Zealand Snow Industries Federation membership is open to all wholesalers and retailers whose products benefit skiers, snowboarders, ski areas and related activities.

As a current member of the NZ Snow Industries Federation you have the option of becoming a member of the Retail NZ and NZ Sports Industry Association — you gain the benefit of three organisations within one subscription.

NZSIF Membership and Information Pack 1

For further membership information please contact Miles Davidson at mail@gosnow.co.nz or download – NZSIF Membership and Information Pack 1

2022 NZSIF Trade Show

The 2022 NZSIF Trade Show details will be available shortly.
The Trade Show is open to industry only – importers and manufacturers of snow sports/outdoor products are welcome to attend as exhibitors and bone fide retailers, rental outlets and ski areas are welcome to attend as buyers.

Trade Show Catalogue 2021


Edgewater Exhibitors (8):
Allsports Distribution – Stand 2 Pavilion
Bobo Products – Stand 2 Summit Room
Jones Bros – Stand 1 Summit Room
Momentum Sports – Stand 3 Pavilion
Mountain Adventure – Stand 1 Pavilion
Oakley – Edgewater Apartment
Tritan Imports – Edgewater Apartment
Worrall’s – Edgewater Stand 4 Pavilion

Exhibitors in own premises: (5)
Gravity Sports
Summit Collective

2022 programme to be confirmed