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Awards presented by Simon Knight Executive Member

New Zealand Snow Industries Federation – Awards Categories / 2020 Season

Outset; While this is not the beginning of awards acknowledging performance within the New Zealand Snow Industries Federation, the direction of this initiative has changed somewhat. You are welcome to vote for anybody with regards to the below categories (especially the Golden Boot Award) however we encourage voting for the youth / newbies within our industry. It’s our hope that a certificate from a national organisation such as the NZSIF will be of value within the CV of one of these young ambassadors of our industry, and maybe just the ticket that gets them the next job, and hopefully keeps them motivated/involved in what we love, snow.

Voting is done at Tradeshow via the registration desk on forms provided. Strictly one vote for each category (One form) per retailer outlet/wholesaler. Award ceremony at the Party.  Start thinking about your nominee NOW!

NZSIF Wholesale Awards

Dealer Services

This is a broad award that can apply to anyone who has gone beyond expectations from within the wholesale sector, think of that marketing support, customer service, warranty and spare parts person, etc. Often not recognised, as not necessarily front-line staff but these people provide such amazing support in a humble way. Who do you call when you just need something done?

Rep of the Year

Self-explanatory, but who’s the newbie clocking the k’s, giving you amazing support, and embracing our industry? Who ticks all the boxes and has the potential to go far?

NZSIF Retail Awards

Soft Goods Sales Person

Not limited to only sales, who helps with buying decisions, merchandises, and sells the dream? They make garments look great together and know their tech too, but better yet make the customer feel awesome!

Hard Goods Sales Person

Again, not just limited to only moving units, this person is the full package, from fitting boots, merchandising the boards and changing a goggle lens this tech guru knows how to do it all, is handy with a screwdriver and makes the customer super confident as they know their gear! Never misses the upsell or the add on!

Rental / Workshop

Who holds down that manic workshop / rental area? Not stressing a bit during the peak seasons, running long hours and dealing with a wide range of circumstances yet always smiling and keeping customers stoked that they’re getting out there!

NZSIF General Award

Golden Boot Award

Often whispered about, never announced… who’s had the biggest shocker of the season? Let’s have a laugh about it